How Ditching the Mirror Can Improve Your Workouts

This piece originally appeared in Slate Magazine.

At Form Fitness, in Brooklyn, you’ll find an assortment of squat racks, dumbbells, and pull-up bars—which is to say, it’s a typical gym. But there’s one thing missing: mirrors.

For some fitness fanatics, this may sound more than a little odd. No floor-to-ceiling reflective surfaces to check your form (and check yourself out)? Blasphemy.

The owner of the gym, Morit Summers, decided to all but ditch mirrors in her space. (She put two small ones in the corner, mostly for mirror selfies.) When she founded Form Fitness, Summers knew she wanted to create a safe, unintimidating space for everyone to work out in, regardless of body type or ability. For her gym, that meant keeping massive fitness mirrors out.

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