Getting My Ducks in a Row

I am leaving for Europe in one week.

Maybe if I say or write that enough I will finally start to believe it.

Exactly seven days until I start my brief affair with Europe for approximately 4 months. I will be studying abroad at Queen Mary University located in East London and living in a tiny student flat with five other people, all from different places and walks of life.


Queen Mary University, my home to be. I am swooning already.

Before starting my school year in the UK, I will be backpacking through Italy with one of my best friends, Blair. Blair and I lived together freshman year and she is one of those rare people in life that cannot annoy me no matter how much time I spend with her.


Blair and my “Megabed” for the last night in our freshman year room. 

Blair and I will be dropping our massive bundle of luggage off in London next Sunday morning, and hopping right back on a plane headed to Venice with a single backpack and a lot of jet-lag.

Before starting my adventure, I have been frantically getting all of my ducks in a row. I have managed to: have a doctor’s appointment to check my heart (which is fine btw), get my wisdom teeth out, finish the entirety of the Great British Baking Show on Netflix, and finally buy a jumpsuit that does not make me look weird (thanks Lulus!).


This show has caused me so much joy and anxiety over the last few weeks.

Now that I only have one week left until I head out, my worry-prone personality has kicked into high gear, as has my excitement.

I plan on spending my week trying to fit every piece of my wardrobe into two suitcases, so if anyone has any hot tips on strategic packing please send them my way. Other than that, I am simply going to dedicate my week to all my favorite things: family, food, and sleep.

See you soon, Europe.

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